Our Services

Project Planning Phase

We assist our clients in various aspects of concrete analysis, sourcing and qualifying during their projects planning stages.

Construction Phase

During construction we evaluate and determine root cause to any problems that may arise in addition to performing inspections to meet specifications.

Maintenance & Repair Phase

We offer our expertise to help you minimize maintenance costs and prevent costly repairs.

Engineering & Rehabilitation at C3Sinc

Engineering & Rehabilitation

Our expertise allows us to assess and determine needs to re-engineer or rehab your structure.

Non-Destructive Testing

We select the appropriate non-destructive test for your structure based on its suitability and its intended use.

Aggregate Quality Testing

Material Testing

Our objective during material testing is understand the properties of the material. We offer reliable analysis and interpretation of results.

Forensic Evaluation

We eliminate all guesswork in the event failure occurs. We use innovative forensic techniques to accurately determine the cause of the problem.

Litigation Counsel

Trust us to provide you expert advice and counsel. We maintain your best interest at heart during the process.