About Us

C3S, Inc. is a Houston-based concrete consulting firm founded by civil engineer and concrete specialist, Dr. Ebow Coleman. Since 1991, we have provided clients around the world with expert, in-depth evaluations using advanced analytical methods to provide solutions to problems with concrete and related materials. Our services cover the entire spectrum of construction of concrete structures, namely, project planning phase, construction phase and maintenance phase of existing structures.

Our experienced team of engineers, inspectors and technicians provide our clients with thorough assessments of the concrete quality and the integrity of the structure. C3S staff is active in professional organizations and works with key industry leaders to provide clients with cutting edge concrete analysis.

C3S is derived from Tricalcium Silicate (C3S), one of the four principal components of Portland cement, a universal construction material. As concrete and cement experts on a global scale, we identify with one of the strength-enhancing components of Portland cement.

Our team is led by Dr. Coleman, an expert in concrete with extensive background in cement chemistry, petrographic analysis and, concrete testing. He has written several proprietary research papers and co-authored two US patents. His specialization in forensic evaluations of concrete and problem solving in cement plants has been useful for ready-mix concrete plants, facility maintenance, airport runways, highway pavements, commercial buildings, industrial structures, and educational facilities.

With over 25 years of experience in the construction materials industry, Dr. Coleman is fully equipped to provide an expert opinion during litigation, strategic planning of projects, and marketing.

Concrete Consulting Services You Can Trust

Concrete problems? You’ve come to the right place. At C3S, you will find an expert team of highly experienced and skilled engineers, inspectors and technicians who can help with all your concrete structure related needs and problems.

Whether you are a homeowner, property manager, public agency, engineer, or a construction company, with the help of our consulting services, your concrete problems are a thing of the past!

How We Help

We provide services for all things related to concrete construction. Our concrete consulting services can take care of every step of any construction project or built-up structure.

1. Project Planning Phase

Here, we act as construction advisors, helping you get the best concrete to complete construction of structure that would remain problem free for many years to come. We perform analyses to get the material with highest durability.

2. Construction Phase

During construction, we perform regular evaluations and testing of the concrete structure and material to ensure they meet the specified standards.

3. Maintenance and Repair Phase

We also act as consultants to ensure that you spend as little as possible for maintenance and repair solutions for your concrete structures. Our timely advice can help you avoid going to damage consultants for your concrete building in the future.

4. Engineering and Rehabilitation

In case you require repair plan services for concrete structures, we have it covered as well. We also offer onsite monitoring to verify that repair objectives are met.

5. Concrete Non-Destructive Testing

We offer structural testing services, without causing any damage or destruction. These include UPV testing, GPR mapping and corrosion scanning. Check out our solutions for concrete structure repair.

6. Modern Material Testing and Analysis

Whether you want to test the compressive strength of concrete or soluble chloride content, we have testing and consulting services for all concrete issues. With the help of forensic evaluation techniques, such as XRD, we can precisely determine the cause of any issue. We also make use of petrographic analysis for best results. We use scanning microscope imagery to check the tiniest details. In addition, to check weight changes in the material due to temperature, we use thermogravimetric analysis.

Unlike other concrete maintenance consultants, we do not do any guesswork. When you choose our consultants, we use only cutting edge scientific techniques to determine problems in the concrete ingredients used for construction. These analysis services help determine concrete mix & design of the structure.

7. Litigation Counsel

We also offer litigation support, including field research, depositions, expert witness testimony, and case evaluations, related to any defects in concrete construction and structures.

So, whether you need concrete evaluation services for a roadways project or the cracks in your garage, contact us now! We take pride in providing the highest quality of services every single time.

Our Values


We believe that accumulated experience over time yields expertise. That is why we value our team members experiences.


We know that the lifespan of any structure is impacted or affected by the quality of the materials.


We believe that prevention is one of the better ways to minimize cost of maintenance and repair.


Our goal is to minimize cost for repairs and ongoing maintenance while looking to maximizing the lifespan of your structure.


We understand time is of the essence for most all projects and we work with this in mind.


We pride ourselves in conducting business honestly and ethically.

No structure or project is too big or too small for us.


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