Testing of Materials Subjected to Corrosive Environments

C3S performed mechanical testing of grout samples for an industrial chemical plant to test the efficacy of different corrosive curing repair solutions for concrete trenches tanks. The test was to generate at least twenty (20) compression data points from start to failure for each sample to be tested.

The wastewater repair strategy implementation for industrial trenches at the facility required, among other data, the performance – specifically the compressive strength and related information, of existing and new repair cementitious matrices in service in trenches holding corrosive liquids.

Instron compression testing equipment with a maximum capacity of 80,000-lb was used to test the samples. Twenty four grout samples, taken from three different trenches with different corrosive liquids at the facility, were tested.


Break profile of a sample during testing

3 1

a. Photo of a sample before test


b. Photo of sample after test