Engineering & Rehabilitation

Repair Design

C3S, Inc. has the capability to provide following services to clients for projects in Investigation, Repair or Rehabilitation Phase.

Repair Design 1 300x196

                 large cracks in concrete slab

Repair Design 2 300x225

                         A fire damaged site

  • Repair Plans
  • Construction Documents and Contract Administration

Prepare comprehensive construction documents for repair methodology and provide on-site monitoring to verify the repair objectives and conformance to specifications.

  • Maintenance Recommendations 

Structural Engineering

C3S, Inc. has the capability to provide the following Structural Engineering Services to clients on new design projects.

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  • Structural Engineering Design

    We provide comprehensive and constructible structural and foundation design for any project size. We are experts in providing full-service structural design for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We use sophisticated analysis tools to assure our structures are safe enough to resist any natural disaster forces. Our experience and expertise enable us to provide cost effective and safest structural design.

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  • Development of Plans and Technical Specifications

  • Inspections

  • Code Reviews

Experience Matters

  • Condition surveys are followed with necessary tests to provide needed information for rehabilitation of a structure.
  • Cost estimation, sound engineering judgement is brought to bear in the overall work.