Engineering & Rehabilitation

Repair Design

C3S, Inc. has the capability to provide following services to clients for projects in Investigation, Repair or Rehabilitation Phase.

Repair Design 1 300x196

                 large cracks in concrete slab

Repair Design 2 300x225

                         A fire damaged site

  • Repair Plans
  • Construction Documents and Contract Administration

Prepare comprehensive construction documents for repair methodology and provide on-site monitoring to verify the repair objectives and conformance to specifications.

  • Maintenance Recommendations 

Structural Engineering

C3S, Inc. has the capability to provide the following Structural Engineering Services to clients on new design projects.

Structural Engineering Pic 1 1030x773

  • Structural Engineering Design

  • Development of Plans and Technical Specifications

  • Inspections

  • Code Reviews

Experience Matters

  • Condition surveys are followed with necessary tests to provide needed information for rehabilitation of a structure.
  • Cost estimation, sound engineering judgement is brought to bear in the overall work.