Construction Phase

During construction we evaluate and determine root cause to any problems that may arise in addition to performing inspections to meet specifications.

Our goal is to minimize your crews downtime.

When possible, we will conduct testing and evaluation on site without interrupting construction activities. However, when needed we will take samples for offsite tests.

Concrete Testing & Inspection

We provide asset verification for vital assurance that all concrete structures are constructed properly and with materials that meet project specifications.

With Technicians and Engineers certified by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) we stay up-to-date with the latest methods and materials utilized around the world in areas including:

  • Concrete strength testing, concrete mix designs and in-place strength evaluations
  • Concrete batch plant inspection
  • Field inspection and quality control of concrete construction
  • Mix designs and confirmation
  • Pier observations
Air Content Test Photo 300x243

Performing air content test by the pressure method using Type-B Meter

Slump Test Photo 300x200

Performing concrete slump test.

Insufficiently Mixed Concrete 300x243

Example of insufficiently mixed concrete that was observed and corrected.

Construction Monitoring

C3S’s knowledgeable team serves as your trusted concrete construction advisor overseeing your project and collaborating with the project team. With this team we’re able to thoroughly review construction documents and ensure that they’re adhered to during construction.

C3S provides progress reports of on-goings and provide recommendations on how to correct observed deficiencies.

C3S’s portfolio is diverse and spans multiple business industries and segments of government and education. Our project experience across different markets and geographic regions creates an environment that is abundant with the exchange of ideas.

Tower Fdtn Conc Monitoring 1030x773 Tower Fdtn Conc Monitoring 2 1030x773

Monitoring the construction of the foundation for a communication tower

Replacement Pic For Pavement Conc Monitoring 2 Replacement Pic For Pavement Conc Monitoring 1030x773

Monitoring the construction of the parking lot for an apartment complex.

Rebar Inspection Service

C3S has a deep knowledge of how vital it is for reinforcement rebar to conform to specifications and design documents and we strongly believe it is one of the keys to the success and longevity of any concrete structure.

With our experienced Technicians and Engineers we are able to perform rebar inspection and layout verification for compliance with design documents. This inspections are performed a few days in advance so in the instance where they do not comply changes can be made with minimal or no effect to the schedule.

Tower Fdtn Rebar Inspection 2 300x247

Rebar cage inspection – For a communication tower foundation.

Tower Fdtn Rebar Inspection 1 300x300

Rebar cage inspection – For a communication tower foundation.

Pavement Rebar Inspection 300x225

Rebar cage inspection – For a parking lot pavement at an apartment complex.

Pavement Rebar Inspection 2 300x249

Rebar cage inspection – For a parking lot pavement at an apartment complex.

Experience Matters

  • Recurring construction/manufacturing problems are evaluated with state of the art instrumentation to solve problems.
  • Advance knowledge of concrete coupled with practical field experience sets us apart.
  • We evaluate the problem starting with specifications and primary ingredients of the concrete/mortar/stucco/grout.