Repair of Concrete Structures in Industrial Application

Rebars in an 85ft long, 40ft wide 8 inches thick concrete slab, at a Food Processing Plant had sustained severe corrosion on the underside mid-section. At these areas, for over several years, salt, in silos, has leaked and permeated into the concrete causing severe corrosion around the mid-section and other adjacent areas of the slab. Several tests including, corrosion mapping, compressive strength test, chloride ion content in concrete and petrographic analysis, were performed to determine the extent of damage. Working with a Structural engineer and a Repair Contractor the slab was restored without interruption to the plant’s operation. The repaired structure has been in operation for ten years.

(i) Observation


Section of Plant


Corroded underside of slab.



Restored slab.

d. Conclusion
Salt in high concentration is known to cause corrosion in embedded rebars in concrete and this was a classical example.