Public Agencies

Public Agencies

We know that a significant manner of serving the public is by providing proper access and maintenance of public infrastructure. We also know this comes at a cost.

Our mission is to reduce high repair and maintenance costs by building quality up-front. We consider this to be particularly of interest for the public sector. 

We understand the word “public” often translates to scrutiny. Serving the public calls for transparency and stewardship of resources. In other words, the public cares about the allocations and spending of the agencies that serve them.

As a result, it is perfectly understandable why managing budgets and minimizing capital spending are important to officials in public agencies.

As officials and staff members in the public sector, trust us to serve you as you work to serve the public. We are your concrete expert for any sourcing, qualifying, evaluating, and repairing of your public assets.

Prior to initiating a project, we partner with your during the project planning phase to evaluate construction materials. We determine which cements, aggregates, and other materials are best for your structure. We place special consideration in sources, consistency of material, and overall durability because we know these to be important for capital projects.

During construction phase, we help you mitigate any number of unforeseen circumstances can arise during construction. Oftentimes we are able to determine the cause and provide solution to the problem without undue interruption to construction schedule.

Post construction, in the maintenance and repair phase, we use different methods to identify causes of problems and viable approaches for repair/rehabilitation program. We provide condition survey to determine current condition of the structure.

Contact us to discuss existing assets and/or possible upcoming projects.