Private Enterprises

Private Enterprises

We know that the proper construction and maintenance of the places where you conduct business is important. It has direct and indirect effects on your operations.

Our mission is to reduce high repair and maintenance costs associated with maintaining your concrete structures. 

Concrete is one of the major construction material used in commercial and industrial sites. For that matter, managing costs may impact setting proper maintenance schedules of the structures. This may lead staff and crew to be on reactive problem-solving mode.

However, we have to proven experience and expertise to prescribe preventative measures that will benefit your operations.

We perform concrete evaluations during all stages of project planning and construction, as well as several years after the structure has been in service.

If your facilities are managed by a third party, consider contracting us as an expert partner to consult with the corresponding facilities manager.

Our specialization in forensic evaluations of concrete and problem solving in cement plants has been useful for ready-mix concrete plants, facility maintenance, airport runways, commercial buildings, industrial structures, and educational facilities.

In the event your structure may be involved in a lawsuit, hire us for litigation counsel related to any suspicion of failures caused by design and/or construction defects.