Aggregate Quality Testing as Solid as Concrete

For any sturdy and durable construction, high quality aggregate is necessary. If the quality of the aggregate is not good enough, the concrete and asphalt will not have enough strength and mass. This could compromise the construction. A great way to reduce maintenance and repair costs in the future is to make use of our aggregate quality testing services. We use of the latest techniques and technology to ensure that you only use the highest quality materials.

How We Test Aggregate Quality

Before the testing begins, comes sampling. We make use of the best aggregate sampling practices to ensure that the sample accurately represents the quality of the complete batch. Once we have the right sample, we test the aggregate via the following processes:

  • LA Aggregate Abrasion Testing

The Los Angeles aggregate abrasion test is performed by C3S using procedure set forth by ASTM C 131. In this test, the toughness, durability, and relative quality of the aggregate are measured by subjecting them to abrasion and impact. This test is great for identifying any inherent cracks that might be present in the aggregate. It also helps know about chances of sections of the aggregate breaking off and forming large cavities in the future when subjected to wear and tear.

In this test, aggregates of a specific size are placed along with abrasive charge in the LA abrasion testing machine. The abrasive charge is generally cast iron or steel balls. The materials are rotated at about 30 to 33 rpm. After the required rotations are completed, the sample is removed and washed, placed over a sieve, and dried. Once dried, the sample is weighed to determine the loss of mass during the process. Low levels of mass loss represent high quality of aggregate.

  • Testing for Organic Impurities

We also test for organic impurities in fine aggregates for concrete. This test is done utilizing the procedure set forth by ASTM C 40. In this test, the presence of deleterious organic impurities in fine aggregate is determined. These impurities can compromise the durability of hardened concrete. More specifically, the impurities can impact the hydration of the material.

  • Petrographic Examination of Aggregate

We also offer petrographic examination of the aggregates of concrete. A petrographic examination of the aggregate present in hardened concrete reveals the type of aggregate, its size, shape and the amount. This helps in determining if it can be used for a particular application. The bond strength to the cement paste can also be determined with this process too. This helps in knowing about the strength of the material.

Why Choose Us

Our team of experts have extensive expertise in the cement chemistry, concrete testing, and petrographic analysis. In addition, we have wide experience of working in all fields, with all type of organizations. Whether you want help regarding highway construction, commercial building, residential projects, or even airport runways, we are more than capable of handling all your requirements.

We offer concrete consultation services for all stages of construction, from quality testing of aggregates to forensic evaluation of constructed projects. We offer it all!

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