As concrete specialists and engineering colleagues, we see our work as a partnering mission to the work that you do. We specialize on concrete so that you can focus on delivering the best overall design for your clients. You can trust our expertise in providing you with full range of consulting services associated with concrete. Our mission is to reduce high repair and maintenance costs by building quality up-front. Thus, we offer to save your projects time and money. We save you time by addressing the root cause of problems and prescribing timely maintenance and repair. we save you money by providing alternatives that best suit your economic scenario.

We will team up with you during project planning phase to assist with sourcing and qualifying of concrete materials. Furthermore, we support your projects during construction phase to minimize interruptions caused by unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

We also have the experience and capability to assist you with recommendations and design of any engineering and rehab work required by a concrete structure with major defects.

Finally, you can rely on us for all your non-destructive testing and material testing.

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