Construction Companies

We know you are contracted for projects and your success is determined based on whether you deliver on schedule and on budget. Therefore, time and money are the primary criteria upon which you are graded.

Our mission is to reduce high repair and maintenance costs by building quality up-front. By contracting us you achieve successful completion of your projects. 

Often we solve problems for contractors after failure occurs. However, our efforts are also best employed as preventative measures.

Before starting construction, contract us to help you source and qualify materials for your project. The sooner we are contracted the greater the potential for saving time and mitigating problems.

We are your contingency plan for any concrete related construction.

When problems arise during construction, we work to minimize or prevent disruption of any construction activities.

Concrete can seem unpredictable based on all the variable components and environmental conditions that affect its behavior. However, trusting our expertise guarantees that you can focus on building and managing project schedule and budget.

We welcome partnering with you to certify the quality of your concrete jobs. We offer evaluation and inspection services so that you can ensure to meet design specifications.

Throughout the duration of your projects we are also available for non-destructive testing, material testing, and forensic analysis.

Finally, if you are ever involved in a lawsuit, we offer expert legal counsel relating to any aspects of the concrete.

Contact us to schedule a consultation.